Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming Bliss

As promised, a homecoming post.  On Friday afternoon I headed east on I-40 to the dash for Wake Forest homecoming.  And I swear to you as I crossed that Tennessee/North Carolina state line I got butterflies.  It had been a whole year since I’d stepped foot on the campus and I could not wait to be back.  I was craving cheap keg beer and a walk on the Mag Quad.  And the weekend did not disappoint.  It was nothing short of fabulous and my friends and I took advantage of every second together.

We caught up on life.  Talking about our cities, our jobs, and following our passions.  And in the same breath we gossiped about who made out with who last night, swore like sailors, and talked about anything and everything inappropriate.  We danced in frat sludge, gorged on Putter’s cheese fries, and laughed to the point of stomachaches and mascara stained cheeks.  We drank too much beer at the tailgate and then, over just baked bread soaked in Elizabeth’s house dressing, talked about how lucky we were to have each other in our lives.  We hugged each other hard and pronounced how very much we had missed each other.  And I’m pretty sure I said the phrase “I am so happy right now” at least a hundred times.  And I was.  So happy.

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