Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Break in Numbers

            Fall Break is over.  Sigh.  Those glorious four days that were supposed to be relaxing and stress-free.  Sigh.  And though I am sad to be back to reality, my weekend was packed and I don’t think that I wasted even a second (so much for that whole relaxation thing, huh?).  I soaked up every ounce of a picture perfect Fall weekend with family and friends.  Here is a glimpse at my very busy break!

This past weekend I….

o Ate 1 pumpkin birthday cake (I die.)
o Wrote 2 summary tables (ugh…miserable)
o Visited 3 of the United States
o Used 4 modes of transportation
o Organized 5 kitchen cabinets in my sissy’s new apartment
o Spent 6 glorious minutes gazing at sunrise over the Langford Creek
o Drank 7 glasses of wine (not all at once…I’m a grandma, remember?)
o Hugged 8 relatives
o Watched 9 innings of Phillies baseball
o Collected 10 Fall leaves to bring back from the Northeast in case faux-Fall continues to tease us down South
o And made 24 wishes on 42 candles (My brother Scott and I celebrated our Fall birthdays together with his 18 candles + my 24 all on one cake…damn we’re old).

Here's hoping the memory of this past weekend's fabulousness can get me through the rest of this uber-busy school week!

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