Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween at the Hotel

            Are you sick of me talking about my obsession with Fall yet?  Well too bad.  I’ve got one more post and then I promise I will talk about something other than leaves and acorns and temperatures in the 60’s.  Maybe.

            This weekend, Halloween came early to the ladies of the Hotel.  We figured in order to really get into the spirit of the season, some pumpkins had to be carved and some cider had to be downed.  To contribute to the pumpkin-themed spread, I strapped on my apron and attempted, once again, to get domestic.  And I have to admit, my rendition of Paula Deen’s apple cake was quite a hit.  Okay, so I had to fish egg shells out of the bowl not one but three times but we can just keep that between us.

Hey Mom!  Look what I made!

Keeley's Pumpkin Tarts

Grown-up cider was necessary after a very long week

            After stuffing ourselves silly with every pumpkin-flavored delicacy imaginable, we headed out to the front porch for some carving.  I now realize the pressure my Dad was under all for all of those years as we stood anxiously around the table, eyes glued to his masterpiece, waiting for him to carve the most perfect pumpkin.  Y’all, pumpkin carving is not easy as you can see from my bat pumpkin.  Kinda looks like a 4 year old made it but maybe an A+ for effort?

Riley pup wanted in on the action

Regardless of the end product, the pumpkin party was a huge success and a great way to spend an October evening!


  1. Keep practicing...you will get the hang of it in a few more years....

    P.S. Just kidding...we love your bat!

  2. I'm still full from that Apple Cake! Man it was so good.