Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Bad

            After making bold proclamations in my last post about not disappearing and leaving my few loyal followers hanging, I did just that and dropped off of the face of the earth for a month.  My bad.  I don't really have a good explanation for my absence except to say that I just wasn't in the blogging mood.  I once read another blogger's post about how to hold an audience and create a successful blog following and her number one tip was to write every day.  To be a reliable poster and to never just disappear from your readers.  And though I totally get where she is coming from (and find myself feeling bitter towards my own favorite blogosphere friends when they hold out on me for a few weeks) I never want to just post something for the sake of posting.  I want my blog to be authentic and I don't want it to feel forced.  And since I'm not getting any income from this little online world of mine, I don't feel the pressure to have something great to say each and every day.  But that doesn't mean that those who do read my ramblings deserve to be ignored!  So, to each one of you who has continued to stop by despite my radio silence over the past few weeks, I'm sending you a big fat virtual kiss.  Thanks for noticing me!
            Over that couple of weeks, I have been soaking up summer in the District and trying to resist the urge to hibernate in the air conditioning on these 100+ degree days.  Because I have basically been MIA since the epic Dewey Beach Memorial Day, I wanted to catch you up on where I have been!  To celebrate one of my most favorite holidays (okay, let's face it, every holiday is my favorite), I started off the weekend at my most favorite place.  Fox Point.

            Though it was a quick trip, I was able to squeeze in some waterskiing, sunbathing, and crab feasting.  And my little furry man was thrilled to get some outdoor stick-eating time too.  After my two days on the Eastern Shore, I took advantage of a brief hiatus from the fluorescent lights of the hospital and hopped up to the Mainline to spend some time with my parents, get spoiled by my mama, and catch up with two of my favorite sisterfriends (complete with a Bachelorette date and a birthday celebration for Ally!).

            And after all of that travel, I made my way back to the nation's capital to celebrate the actual 4th because what better place to toast to all that is American than Washington, D.C., right?  Since the holiday was one of those annoying mid-week ones we kept the festivities low-key with a backyard barbeque (with our new grill...I'll spare you the four letter words details of my adventure to purchase said grill at Home Depot) and fireworks on the Key Bridge.  I did my best Martha and tapped into my ever-expanding holiday Pinterest board for some BBQ inspiration and I think the party was a big hit.

            Though I would have preferred to indulge in a few more red, white, and blue, cocktails while dipping my toes into some salty water somewhere, a tamer 4th of July was pretty great too.

Hope you all are having the happiest of Summers!  
Be back tomorrow with more of my recent summer fun.