Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mountain Time

Disclaimer: I am writing this from a very bumpy 30,000 feet.  Which means that I am also drinking my own personal bottle of pinot grigio (and being judged by the gentleman next to me, I'm pretty sure).  So forgive me if things get a little fuzzy as this post goes on...

            For the past few days I have been adjusting to changes in altitude, celebrating my very special younger brother, and spending lots of quality time with five people who look a whole lot like me.  And it has been wonderful.  We started the weekend off with a late night dinner, which included a celebratory whiskey shot between father and son.  Yeah, times have changed.  On Saturday we spent the morning hiking in a chilly, rainy Cheyenne Canyon and though a nature girl I am not, I loved being outside and getting reacquainted with the outdoors after many months in the city.  And let me tell you, that whole altitude issue is no joke.  Though my dedication to the gym has waned a little bit since I left Nashville and lost my Zumba-loving roommates, I still consider myself to be somewhat in shape.  But put me at 9,000 feet above sea level and I was huffing and puffing up that mountain.  Despite the workout, I loved every little breath of fresh air.

            Other favorite parts of the weekend included lots of dancing, an awe-struck drive through the Garden of the Gods (you must go), parents playing beer pong and drinking bourbon, bluegrass and BBQ, a scary drive up the 14,000 feet of Pike's Peak, brunch at the Broadmoor, a commencement speech that I actually listened to, and hugs for the boy who just finished up a fabulous four years of college/snowboarding camp.

             I cherished every minute of my weekend getaway and am so grateful that my brother decided to go to college in such a cool place.  I'm pretty sure that graduation weekends in Winston-Salem were not nearly as fun for the relatives as this one was!

            And though being away was great and a much needed break from reality, I am excited to get home (and off of this bumpy plane!) to my puppy love, a short work week, and a very fun long weekend ahead.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Unlikely Source

Of wisdom...

            And worry, this girl is not.  Cause I have a day off tomorrow which means that tonight is basically Friday and you know my head over heels feelings for Friday.  But don't get me wrong, I don't always live by Mr. Khalifa's motto.  In fact, those who know me well would probably say that worrying is one of the things I do best (in addition to speaking in accents, singing with my mouth closed, and doing the short-necked buzzard).  I'm really good at it.  Like, have a black belt in it.  And when I do worry, nine times out of ten it is about something that I can't control.  
            But over time my worrying has been tempered by the realization that there actually are a lot of things that I can control.  I can control my words, my actions, and my thoughts (well, for the most part...everybody gets a little cray cray in the head every now and then).  I can control the way that I treat people and how I make them feel (karma's a bitch...and I believe in it big time).  I can control who I surround myself with and whether I choose glass half-empty or half-full.  I can control what and who I spend my time and energy on.  And as for all of the rest of it that I can't control, you can bet I won't be walking around with an umbrella in the sunshine any time soon.  And if it rains, well, I guess I'll just wear my hair curly.

Monday, May 14, 2012


            Since it's another rainy Monday, I figured the best thing to beat those beginning of the work week blues is a recap of a very fun, sunshine-filled weekend.  One that started out with some celebrating of the fact that I recently added a few letters after the end of my name (CCC?  Don't mind if I do) and continued on kind of like this...

(I swear I'm eventually going to get another real camera...but for now, the iphone pics will have to suffice)

And a Saturday that started out with rooftop margaritas, sun-kissed shoulders, and afternoon naps that looked a bit like this...

Which turned into a fancy Saturday night that looked a little like this...

And after an open bar and some very important props turned into something like this...

Which led to a sleepy Sunday morning and an afternoon like this...

And finally ended just like this...

Is it Friday again yet?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Weekend

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hints of Summer

            So this morning I started to write a blog post hating on the recent dreary, London-esque weather that had descended on the District as of late but when I walked out of work this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find that my whiney little post no longer applied.  It's steamy out and smells like summertime and I am loving it.  Fingers crossed that this weather holds out for the backyard housewarming party that is planned for tomorrow night!

            Here's hoping you've caught some spring fever and are enjoying sunshine wherever you are.  As for me, I'll be here dreaming about big beach towels, Mayberry limeade, freckled cheeks, and all of the other deliciousness that comes with those summer days that are just a few weeks away!