Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday Week

            This past week my best friend and I celebrated our 25th birthdays together with a big bash here in D.C.  I was rushing the whole quarter century mark a little bit by celebrating a week early but I was so happy to be able to share the big birthday with this girl!  And for those of you who made the trek from near and far (ahem, Haley, who endured three freezing hours on the Megabus to make it to the district...love you!) to be at the party we SO appreciate the effort that you made and loved being with each one of you.

            And I would have had more pictures to share with y'all but this birthday girl may have been served one too many birthday beverages and lost her camera :-(.  I'm still hoping that it is going to appear in my laundry basket or the refrigerator or some other illogical place where I may have stashed it so keep your fingers crossed!  But for now, those are all of the pictures I pirated from the other birthday girl's camera.
           As for the official birthday this weekend, I'm counting the minutes until my favorite Boston boy arrives in D.C. so we can celebrate with apple picking, wine drinking, and a dinner date at Founding Farmers with Liza and her own handsome beantown boy.  Just the kinds of things that make this October baby all kinds of happy.

Oh and ps. I plan on making this with said apples to prove to a certain someone that I actually do have domestic skills!  How are you soaking up the arrival of this most fabulous season?

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  1. Where did you get that dress? It is gorgeous!