Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello Again!

            Remember me?  Well turns out summer time means lots of busy and not much of lounging around with my blogging pants on.  But I wanted to at least stop by and say hi and let y'all know that though there has been a blogging drought of late and the location of this little page's activities will soon been changing, that doesn't mean that the blog is going to fall by the wayside.  Phew!  I know that you were worried.  In fact, I suspect that posts in the near future will be a lot meatier with tales of my escapades (and potential embarrassment) as I attempt to navigate a brand new city!

            But in the mean time I wanted to tell you all about what I've been up to while on this blogging hiatus.  Lately I have been...

  • Racking up Southwest miles and getting very familiar with Boston-Logan
  • Deciding that New England summertime is straight out of a Martha Stewart mag
  • Negotiating and re-negotiating and finally signing a lease on an adorable, dog-friendly row house in Georgetown
  • Riding the rails of the good old R5
  • Spending busy, fulfilling days at CHOP
  • Becoming absolutely certain that having a healthy child is nothing short of a miracle and solidifying my decision to require that my own children wear helmets at all times until they graduate from college (and if they are boys, then til they're oh, 45)
  • Counting down the days until I get a full week of vacation at my favorite place where I can't wait to share its magic with a special visitor
  • And anticipating the start of the real world in just two weeks with a healthy balance of giddy excitement and unfounded terror (I mean, would you expect anything else from this nervous nelly?!)

            And on a more serious note, I have to ask you all for a favor.  If you are the praying kind and have some extra room on your prayer list, please add my friends the Schweiters.  This sweet family means a lot to me and I spent many a Friday night in middle and high school babysitting for their three precious children.  Their youngest, Logan, was in an accident in last night's flooding rain and prayers for his full and speedy recovery would mean so much.  Because he is being treated at the hospital where I work, I was able to see him today and hug his sweet parents and I know how much your extra prayers would mean to them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And It Continues

            So a few weeks ago I coped with the no apartment blues by indulging in a little ice cream...now things have gotten a little bit more desperate...

            And though many signs have been pointing me in the opposite direction of the District, the search continues.  I've spent my day off scouring Craigslist, running out to Open Houses that never happened and getting my hopes up for places that ended up not materializing or materializing into crack dens with a preference for smelly, mangy cats to my sweet Cooper man.  I'm now considering applying for places that I can't afford and inquiring as to whether or not they allow very sweet, 50 pound cats and seeing if that gets a better reaction.  Any other suggestions?  I will give my first born child to the one who finds me a home.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Growing Up So Fast

            Today marks the 8 month birthday of my little Cooper man!  Sure it's not really a big birthday or even an official birthday at all but it's the 8th of the month, he's 8 months old, and has grown so much since the day I picked him out at Love At First Sight when he was just 8 weeks old.  So I thought a blog post was necessary and thought you might enjoy seeing just what a BIG baby he has become.

From day one at the vet weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds 
(his original name at the shelter was Hefty!)...

To this week at his check up where he tipped the scales at 51 pounds!  

(Ellyse, can you believe that he outweighs Riley now?!)

And though he's gotten bigger in size for sure he is still a scaredy cat who is skeptical of dumpsters, the vacuum cleaner, and the neighbor's chihuahua.  

Not so sure about this whole vet thing either!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Recap

            If you are a regular reader and you caught my post about my love affair with the 4th of July, you'll remember that I was headed to Boston for the weekend and was just a little bit excited about it.  The weekend did not disappoint and it turns out that Boston wasn't my only destination on this trip.  In fact, we ended up doing a little New England tour and I loved every minute of fresh seafood eating, flag waving, beach BBQ-ing fun that we packed in.  Yep, I think heading for Beantown to celebrate Independence Day was a wicked smahht decision.  My favorite part of the weekend was the overnight trip to Bristol, Rhode Island which, according to Wikipedia, is the most patriotic town in the United States.  And this little town certainly lived up to it's title.  Complete with flag adorned Cape Cod houses with wooden bleachers lined up in front yards just waiting for the big parade, this town does July 4th on steroids.  Even the medians on the roads are red, white, and blue!

     Other highlights of the weekend included fireworks (and lots of bug bites) on the beach at Plum Island, paddle boarding in Bristol Harbor (I am not a pro), and a beach BBQ in Gloucester, MA.  Overall, I'd say it was a pretty perfect weekend! 

            Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that you wore your trashiest red, white, and blue bikini or your best American flag man tank and toasted to Amurica more times than anyone around you cared to hear.