Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Recap

            If you are a regular reader and you caught my post about my love affair with the 4th of July, you'll remember that I was headed to Boston for the weekend and was just a little bit excited about it.  The weekend did not disappoint and it turns out that Boston wasn't my only destination on this trip.  In fact, we ended up doing a little New England tour and I loved every minute of fresh seafood eating, flag waving, beach BBQ-ing fun that we packed in.  Yep, I think heading for Beantown to celebrate Independence Day was a wicked smahht decision.  My favorite part of the weekend was the overnight trip to Bristol, Rhode Island which, according to Wikipedia, is the most patriotic town in the United States.  And this little town certainly lived up to it's title.  Complete with flag adorned Cape Cod houses with wooden bleachers lined up in front yards just waiting for the big parade, this town does July 4th on steroids.  Even the medians on the roads are red, white, and blue!

     Other highlights of the weekend included fireworks (and lots of bug bites) on the beach at Plum Island, paddle boarding in Bristol Harbor (I am not a pro), and a beach BBQ in Gloucester, MA.  Overall, I'd say it was a pretty perfect weekend! 

            Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that you wore your trashiest red, white, and blue bikini or your best American flag man tank and toasted to Amurica more times than anyone around you cared to hear.

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