Saturday, December 24, 2011

Getting Ready and Finally Home

            Merry Merry, sweet stalkers!  I am finally home after an exhausting week of work and could not be happier to be spending the day wrapping presents, baking gingerbread, and perma-smiling 'cause of this time with all of my family members under one roof.  And though I love Christmas Eve and all of it's preparation and anticipation for the big day, I have to say I think my favorite part of Christmas weekend already happened.  When I arrived home last night after a red brake light filled trip up I-95 with my sister and the puppy love, my family and I headed into the Friendly Village to the White Dog Cafe for a late night dinner.  My prosciutto wrapped, crab-stuffed, trout was and eating at the White Dog is like having dinner in a cozy kitchen straight off the pages of my girl Martha's magazine.  And as I was eating up both the atmosphere and the food, I kept thinking to myself, "I am just so lucky."  On my right at the table was a sister who doubles as a best friend, without whom I think I would feel like my left leg was cut off.  And across sat two little brothers who, in the blink of an eye, have become men who open doors for their sisters and order beers at the dinner table.  And to my left were parents who support us and love us and make us laugh.  Yeah, I'd say we're doing alright. 

            And though tomorrow morning is the real deal and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for some Christmas loot, right now I am content just being around my people and soaking up all that this holiday stands for.  Touche, Christmas, not even here yet and you've done it again.

Wishing you lots of love this Christmas and the chance to step back and really notice all of the ways that we are so very blessed.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally Caught that Christmas Spirit

            It eluded me for a while.  Work was zapping all of my Christmas energy know, that extra emergency energy fund that you dip into around the holidays so that you can tackle enjoy little things like pushing through crowded shops on M Street, icing a rickety gingerbread house, and whipping up cookies for the office holiday party (at 11pm the night before).  Yeah, that emergency fund was running a little low over the past few weeks.  But all that changed tonight when I got an extra shot of Christmas cheer in the form of a stroll through the National Zoo's annual Zoo Lights with some of my favorite DC friends.

            I'm a sucker for Christmas lights.  And though I'm usually partial to the kind that can be viewed from inside a warm car with some B101 playing in the background, there is something special about that cold winter air that leaves me rosy cheeked and holding tight to a warm peppermint mocha.  Take that empty emergency fund.  Consider yourself re-filled.

Sorry for the cell phone pics...still paying the price for my wild ways on my 25th birthday.  New camera, Santa?

            So now I'm ready.  Ready for stockings and Christmas pj's and time spent with people that I love.  Guess all I needed was a little reminder that behind all of the stress and busy-ness of this time of year is a whole lot more know, that whole reason for the season thing.   Wishing you a very happy week, safe travels, and more Christmas cheer than you know what to do with.

Sugar Overload

            In another life, I swear I was Martha Stewart and Franck Eggelhoffer's love child.  Translation for those of you who don't have an affinity for 90's rom coms and floral shelf paper...that's an overzealous party planner who loves all things festive and covered in sprinkles and/or glitter.  And to prove that throwing a festive little party is my true calling, my roommate and I hosted a cookie exchange last weekend for a bunch of girlfriends to kick off a seemingly endless string of holiday parties.  It was the perfect combination of old friends and new friends, sugar rush and champagne buzz.  Throw in the fact that one of my best friends from life in Music City was in town for a visit and you've got a very happy girl.
            Party prep began early in the day with a trip to the Social Safeway for necessities and a set-up of sugar cookies, icing, and Kevin McAllister just to set the mood.

And with multiple batches of cookies (including one that was neglected and ended up in the trash...don't tell Martha) fresh from the oven, a fire in the fireplace, and Pandora tuned to Rockin' Christmas, it was party time.

Look who came to visit all the way from New York!  Okay, so she was here visiting that manfriend of hers but I like to think she came to see me too :-)

If you're looking for a one last way to ring in this holiday weekend, I highly recommend this easy party idea...very little preparations, not a lot of overhead (your friends provide the treats!), and leftover cookies for days.  Don't mind if I do.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh, I Also Like This


Ladies, winter is coming up and we have to get ready. With the equinox just 5 short months away, what does the modern woman need to do to get ready for sweater season?
1. Start practicing with your parka. Wear it around the house, to a barbeque or to the beach. When a dude says, “You look hot,” say, “Thank you, this jacket is certified to minus 60% below zero.” Then wink. You know what he means ladies, right? Right?

2. Try doing everyday stuff with mittens on.
 Like typing. Have fun!  E.g. ahudfnjk;afbdjfbjkls093u84urahlu = happy holidays
3. Eat gingerbread willy-nilly. You’re welcome.
4. Q. It’s the holidays! Calories don’t count, right?  A. Correct. You must adopt this attitude to successfully attain a winter steaze.
5. Fly some family members out to see you, preferably more than can fit in your apartment or house.Make them share towels.  Watch the magic as it happens.
6. Rock some Christmas tunes at work. People will love this. No one loves ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ more than your co-workers. Play it loud.
7. Time for pajamas! You sweat at night? Too bad! You have to suffer for a winter body.
8. Festive sweater time. Get comfy in your sweet Cosby with X-mas trees or a menorah. Let everyone know what’s up.
9. SPF 1 zillion. Do it.
10.  If it doesn’t have a crust, don’t eat it.  All the best winter meals start and end with pie. Embrace this, now.
Well that’s all I have.  Attaining a winter body is a challenge, but with enough perseverance and ambition, you can do it.  I know you can.

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I Like This

Stay tuned for lots of pictures of fun things I've been up to recently...and please forgive me for the lack of posts in the past few weeks.  Doesn't mean that there hasn't been anything going on or that I've forgotten about y'all.  Just means I've been out there living the color.  Hope you have too!