Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sugar Overload

            In another life, I swear I was Martha Stewart and Franck Eggelhoffer's love child.  Translation for those of you who don't have an affinity for 90's rom coms and floral shelf paper...that's an overzealous party planner who loves all things festive and covered in sprinkles and/or glitter.  And to prove that throwing a festive little party is my true calling, my roommate and I hosted a cookie exchange last weekend for a bunch of girlfriends to kick off a seemingly endless string of holiday parties.  It was the perfect combination of old friends and new friends, sugar rush and champagne buzz.  Throw in the fact that one of my best friends from life in Music City was in town for a visit and you've got a very happy girl.
            Party prep began early in the day with a trip to the Social Safeway for necessities and a set-up of sugar cookies, icing, and Kevin McAllister just to set the mood.

And with multiple batches of cookies (including one that was neglected and ended up in the trash...don't tell Martha) fresh from the oven, a fire in the fireplace, and Pandora tuned to Rockin' Christmas, it was party time.

Look who came to visit all the way from New York!  Okay, so she was here visiting that manfriend of hers but I like to think she came to see me too :-)

If you're looking for a one last way to ring in this holiday weekend, I highly recommend this easy party idea...very little preparations, not a lot of overhead (your friends provide the treats!), and leftover cookies for days.  Don't mind if I do.

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