Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally Caught that Christmas Spirit

            It eluded me for a while.  Work was zapping all of my Christmas energy reserve...you know, that extra emergency energy fund that you dip into around the holidays so that you can tackle enjoy little things like pushing through crowded shops on M Street, icing a rickety gingerbread house, and whipping up cookies for the office holiday party (at 11pm the night before).  Yeah, that emergency fund was running a little low over the past few weeks.  But all that changed tonight when I got an extra shot of Christmas cheer in the form of a stroll through the National Zoo's annual Zoo Lights with some of my favorite DC friends.

            I'm a sucker for Christmas lights.  And though I'm usually partial to the kind that can be viewed from inside a warm car with some B101 playing in the background, there is something special about that cold winter air that leaves me rosy cheeked and holding tight to a warm peppermint mocha.  Take that empty emergency fund.  Consider yourself re-filled.

Sorry for the cell phone pics...still paying the price for my wild ways on my 25th birthday.  New camera, Santa?

            So now I'm ready.  Ready for stockings and Christmas pj's and time spent with people that I love.  Guess all I needed was a little reminder that behind all of the stress and busy-ness of this time of year is a whole lot more goodness...you know, that whole reason for the season thing.   Wishing you a very happy week, safe travels, and more Christmas cheer than you know what to do with.

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