Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 Do-Anything Minutes

            One of the curses of being in grad school, or maybe just being a grown-up in general, is that virtually every moment is scheduled.  When I am not in class, I am in clinic, and when I am not in clinic or class I am doing school work.  When I do spend a few minutes watching trashy reality tv or catching up on my USWeekly, I have that stomach-twisting feeling of guilt because I really should be working on my Language Disorders assignment or writing up my Acoustics lab.  Okay so it's really not that bad (just the inner drama queen chiming in for a second), but it would be nice to have just a few minutes each day when I couldn't think about work and school.  The list of all the things I would do with just 30 do-anything minutes each day is getting longer by the second...

  • Read my new Oprah magazine.  A girlfriend of mine swears that Oprah magazine and a big bowl of ice cream are her therapy.  I kind of agree.

  • Go for a run on this gorgeous, chilly Fall morning.
  • Catch up on my blog-stalking.
  • Call my sweet friend Karoline whom I have been meaning to catch up with for far too long.  Judy, I know I have been the worst at phone tag but will call you tonight.

  • Make some S'mo casserole (recipe coming soon) to celebrate the fact that it is about the time for warm, yummy casseroles that taste even better as leftovers.
What would you do with 30 do-anything minutes added to your day?


  1. LOVE! Ha, it works, I promise ;) Even if she IS on every cover ... I cannot wait to see your beautiful face on Friday!

  2. Can't forget a bubble bath as an option for those 30 minutes...
    yo' ma