Thursday, October 7, 2010

Get Out of Town

            Recently, I have had the urge to travel.  To just pick up and head somewhere fabulous.  Maybe it's because it is abroad season for the WFU crowd and my facebook stalking of their photos has resulted in some serious FOMO (to my grandparents: FOMO = fear of missing out).  Or maybe it's because my days at the Bill Will are becoming a little redundant and I am salivating for something new and different.  Regardless of the cause, my desire to jet-set is quite hard to ignore.  Hence the reason I sent my sister an urgent email last week asking for her thoughts on a Spring Break trip to Napa.  Neither of us has been and the thought of drinking excessive amounts of wine and frolicking through a vineyard with my sissy seems to be just what the doctor ordered.  Though it may be months away, planning for the trip will commence immediately and will hopefully tide me over through those gray months ahead!

And because I'm feeling the need to get away right this second and Spring Break seems so far away, I am packing up and heading for good old Winston-Salem this weekend!  Okay, so it's not nearly as glamorous as Napa but I have a feeling that the weekend will be just as fabulous.


  1. You HAVE to!! It's the best place in the entire world!! Can't wait to see you Birthday Girl ...

  2. You and Katie can always stay with me and we'll frolick! Napa is just a 60 min. drive - and my favorite, Sonoma, is even a little closer.

  3. Can we come, too??
    Ma and Pa