Monday, February 25, 2013

View from my iphone..


            Most people like to have choices.  Lots of options on the table so that chances of picking the right one, or at least a good one, are a little higher.  Me?  Forget it.  I would like for you to please tell me exactly what I should do or give me two choices and the go ahead to eenie-meenie-miney-moe the hell out of them.  But for the love of god don't make me decide on my own.  Okay, getting dramatic...but seriously.  Big decisions can be hard and scary.  Whenever I'm faced with one I inevitably question whether or not I've gotten it right or if I might regret not picking the other one.  This is precisely why I pick my food at a restaurant based on what it looks like when placed in front of the guy at the table next to me because I want to know what I'm in for (and because food regret is the absolute WORST...especially at brain says omelet but my gut always, always says blueberry pancakes).  But I'm working on turning over a new leaf or two as I consider some bigger decisions in my life these days and instead of feeling the need to be absolutely certain about what I'm getting before I get it, I'm planning on listening to my heart and going with my gut.  Because I NEVER regret blueberry pancakes.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sorry About the Crickets

            So I've been at this blog thing for a while now.  Okay, well not recently but in the grand scheme of things I think my sticktoitiveness in keeping up this space for the past three years and one month is kind of cool, right?  Especially with my tendency to get bored of things (Mom, remember that time I took horseback riding lessons for 3 months because I was just BORED?!  Yeah, sorry about that).  But lately I've been doing a half-assed job when I stop in to say hi and I'm not exactly sure why.  Maybe it's because I'm not in grad school anymore and as a result am not chained to an IV which pumps me full of caffeine and convinces me that I have really important things to tell you all or maybe it's because I'm a pinterest addict and fall into the trap of just mooching off of other people's creativity instead of relying on my own.  But regardless of the reason, it's something that I'm gonna work on, promise.  Though I still think it's imperative to post an obnoxious number of pictures of my dog in costume and won't hesitate to show you a bathing suit I've been lusting over every now and then, my goal is to get back to the heart of this little know, the good stuff (like this or this).  So there it is...putting it out into the universe.  And since clearly my Lenten declarations that I'm giving up plain goldfish and have already bitten the dust, maybe there's hope for this one?  Here's hoping!