Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coop Dogg

            Last week I introduced you all to the little snuggle pup that recently came into my life.  And since it has been exactly two weeks since the furry man moved in with me and he has already gained 3 ½ pounds, I figured I would share an update before he very quickly grows out of this puppy stage (though I’m fairly certain he will be a cuddly lap dog even at a hefty 70 pounds which is just fine with this mama J).  So far in his short little life, Cooper has enjoyed two snow days, a city-wide snowball fight (he was not a fan), and many play dates with his big sister Riley.  He is slowly learning the rules of the house and working really hard on learning to use the bathroom outside.  He is no longer afraid of the hair dryer or the washing machine and though he is still too chicken to attempt the descent down the 20 stairs to our front door, the little stoner pup is definitely starting to come out of his shell!  

Snuggle pup

Playing with Riley

Poor guy...his mama made him wear a sweater :-/

Open your eyes Cooper!

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  1. I love the puppy sweater, let's go shopping for more clothes!!