Sunday, January 9, 2011

When Can I Move In?

Some of my loyal blog stalkers may recall my post from a few days ago about my family’s stellar trip to Lake Placid over the Christmas holiday, but there was one highlight that I left out of that post because I felt it deserved a little space of its own.  On the second to last night of our trip, we headed over to the Lake Placid Lodge for dinner in their casual, living room-like dining area, known as Maggie’s Pub.  And can I just tell you…we devoured every ounce of food and atmosphere in this place.  The Eagles/Vikings game that night…well not so much.  But that is beside the point.  The Lake Placid Lodge is the only hotel on Lake Placid and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It is hard to believe that it actually burned to the ground in 28 minutes just five years ago due to a fire set by a disgruntled former employee.  But it has certainly bounced back and it is a really spectacular place (wow…haven’t used that adjective in a while).  From the plaid wallpaper and fireplaces in every room, to the antler chandeliers and cozy leather couches with cashmere throws…Lake Placid Lodge, clear out a room cause I’m moving in.  And if my description doesn’t have you hooked, maybe these glimpses of the lodge will help. 

I plan on being swept away to this place by my ruggedly handsome husband someday.  Just putting that out into the universe J

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  1. ALWAYS put it out into the universe....
    And by the way, thanks for the photo shout out to the old fashioned snow shoes which really might have actually allowed long ago hikers to stay on TOP of the snow! :-)