Friday, January 21, 2011

Grilled Cheesy Goodness

I am fully aware, perhaps too aware, that the end of grad school is coming and soon I will be joining the world of young professionals who have the freedom to indulge in happy hours and enjoy the feeling of money coming into their bank accounts rather than just flying in the opposite direction.  But it recently hit me that I only have a few more months here in Nashville.  Weird.  It feels like I just got here and have been here forever all rolled into one.  So in order to calm some of the panic that set in when I realized that I only have a few more months in this fabulous city, last week some friends and I decided to have a very Nashville weekend.  Our holiday weekend included dinner at Burger Up and a night out in the Honky Tonk but the highlight was definitely our lunch at the Grilled Cheeserie Truck.

            The Grilled Cheeserie Truck is exactly what its name would suggest.  It is a truck that drives around town serving grilled cheese to hungry Nashvillians and the only way to find the truck’s location on any given day is to follow its whereabouts on Twitter.  Genius.  But this isn’t just your average street vendor.  The grilled cheeses are nothing short of gourmet and paired with their homemade old fashioned tomato soup and an Abita root beer….I mean come on, is your stomach growling yet or what?  After reading through the many different variations of the classic grilled cheese on the menu, I settled on the Melt of the Moment, (or the daily special).  It was a grilled cheese with pesto, chicken, and sun dried tomatoes.  Uh YUM.  And not only did I love the food, but I loved the whole community atmosphere that this truck creates.  People gather along side the truck and greet one another like old friends.  They pet each other’s dogs and exchange opinions on which is the best grilled cheese.  The whole experience is just so Nashville.  I have often described Nashville to out-of-towners as a big city with a small town feel and our afternoon at the Grilled Cheeserie Truck illustrated just that.  So the next time you come into town, be sure to stalk the truck on Twitter and get yourself some melted cheesy goodness.

As for this weekend, Mama Ball is in town and I couldn't be happier!  Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. luckily.. dc has its own grilled cheese truck so you'll be right at home when you move here!!