Sunday, October 30, 2011


            On this very chilly morning I was able to take advantage of the stellar location of my D.C. home when I walked down 35th to the bottom of the Key Bridge to watch the amazing athletes running in the Marine Corps Marathon.  And one of those athletes just happens to be my good friend, and Cooper's original god father, Mark.  I thought spotting him in the sea of thousands of runners was a long-shot but Cooper and I caught a glimpse of him around mile 5 and were so excited to give him a little extra encouragement (not that he needed it!).  And let me tell you, if there is anything that'll get you feeling inspired and bring a little perspective to your morning its watching the group of servicemen and women who have suffered life-altering injuries and are completing the marathon on their hand cycles (had to google that to figure out what those things are called).  Amazing.

The leaders...miles ahead of the rest of the pack and clearly not losing steam.  Sorry the picture is blurry...they were running pretty fast.

            Hope you're enjoying a happy almost-Halloween Sunday!  As for me, I'm planning on doing a whole lot of nothing and making up for the snowy Saturday that I missed out on while I was cooped up in the hospital yesterday (oh the joys of working in health care :-).  See you soon!

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