Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Steps

            I recently splurged a little and purchased a comfy, cozy bed for my four-legged child, complete with his monogram cause I'm crazy like that.  And unfortunately, as much as I love having this new spot for Cooper to curl up, he is just not that into it.  In fact, he pretty much despises the thing and will only sit on it if I'm sitting next to him, I've covered the thing with treats, or I drag him onto it by the collar...none of which are ideal options.  So you can imagine just how happy I was to see that my dollars had not gone to waste and the dog whisperer my roommate, Laura, had coaxed my sweet pup onto his bed tonight.  Okay, so he's just barely perched along the edge but that's progress, baby.  And I'll take it.

            It's Friday tomorrow and Halloween is well on it's way which means that jack-o-lanterns are being lit and trick-or-treaters will soon be descending on our steep little cobblestone street.  I.CAN'T.WAIT.  I'm dressing as a pinata with a black eye and the pup is going as a hotdog...what are you dressing as this year?


  1. Train Engineer...Whooo Whooo