Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Love My Neighborhood Because...

            Of it's proximity to these two places.  Sweet Green and Lululemon.  And remember when I told y'all about my obsession with lemonade slash my inner conflict between my need to indulge in certain Fall beverages while also satisfying said obsession?  Well, Sweet Green has gone and solved my problem with this...

Apple Cider Lemonade.  I died.

            And the charm of little places like the Georgetown Barber and this green shop that sells random tchotchkes (I just had to google the spelling of that word by the way) including some bizarre lawn ornaments...since everyone in Gtown has a lawn and everything.

             Another reason why I'm digging the new hood?  The fact that my walks with the Cooper man take me here.  A spot that is just as beautiful on a gloomy, chilly day as it is on a day like this.

            Oh and I'm also loving that my neighborhood is not too far from the sister's neighborhood which means Sunday afternoons are spent going to yoga and sipping Smoothies and basically doing whatever I want because this girl don't got no homework.  Eeee!

Here's hoping you had a peaceful Sunday and have lots of fun planned 
for the upcoming week!

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