Monday, September 5, 2011

Loving Labor Day

            Even though I have only just tiptoed into the real adult world, I am oh so grateful for the built in breaks that this whole career thing provides.  In order to mark this little holiday during which we all celebrate labor by not laboring, I first spent some time enjoying my new city (in the way of a Friday night out on U Street and a Saturday morning recovering with a necessary caffeine fix from my neighborhood coffee shop) and then headed to my favorite place to take in some boat rides, a killer sunset, and time with the family during which my dad did yoga and Grandpa Ball joined Twitter.  Oh yeah, there was a little bit of wine drinking too.  By the way, it took all of the self-control I have to resist posting the picture of John Ball in tree pose on here but I need him to help me do my taxes this year so I used some self-control.

Oh yeah and Cooper had fun too...

            This week I am looking forward to a four day work week and some catch up time with the BFF who skipped town and headed to Boston for a month immediately upon my arrival in D.C.  How dare she.  And though the forecasted 70's and rain might put a damper on the next few days, I'm excited to head north for my own New England mini-vacay this weekend.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!


  1. Loved dinner tonight in your new beautiful HOME. Can't wait for many more DC dates.

  2. Thanks for exercising discretion! Just the verbal description is enough to turn stomachs, I'm sure:)! YKW

  3. Love the post! Cracking up