Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Unlikely Source

Of wisdom...

            And worry, this girl is not.  Cause I have a day off tomorrow which means that tonight is basically Friday and you know my head over heels feelings for Friday.  But don't get me wrong, I don't always live by Mr. Khalifa's motto.  In fact, those who know me well would probably say that worrying is one of the things I do best (in addition to speaking in accents, singing with my mouth closed, and doing the short-necked buzzard).  I'm really good at it.  Like, have a black belt in it.  And when I do worry, nine times out of ten it is about something that I can't control.  
            But over time my worrying has been tempered by the realization that there actually are a lot of things that I can control.  I can control my words, my actions, and my thoughts (well, for the most part...everybody gets a little cray cray in the head every now and then).  I can control the way that I treat people and how I make them feel (karma's a bitch...and I believe in it big time).  I can control who I surround myself with and whether I choose glass half-empty or half-full.  I can control what and who I spend my time and energy on.  And as for all of the rest of it that I can't control, you can bet I won't be walking around with an umbrella in the sunshine any time soon.  And if it rains, well, I guess I'll just wear my hair curly.


  1. Am all over the curly hair idea. Don't worry, be happy! :-)

  2. The 2 of you are lucky to have the history (and the future! that we suspect you will have). Love to you both, MandD/MrandMrsB