Friday, June 15, 2012

The Big Fat Happy Post

            So I guess some people really do read this blog.  How do I know?  Well, when I'm a bad blogger and fall off of the map for a few weeks I get concerned phone calls from Mama Ball and emails from my sweet grandparents asking if everything is okay and if my lack of blogging and recent resignation from my Words with Friends game with FancyGma indicate that I am depressed.  But it really means quite the opposite actually.
            The past month has been beyond busy and filled with more fun than I've known what to do with.  And the result?  Living all this happiness instead of writing about it.  But I guess that's not totally fair to those of you who drop by every now and then.  So to show you that I haven't forgotten about you, here it is.  A months worth of blogging jammed in one quick recap.
            After the family trip to Colorado for Andy's graduation, I came home only to leave town again for a long Memorial Day weekend at Dewey Beach.  It's kind of hard to explain this weekend in words but for the Deacs out there it was basically post exams all over again minus the Hot Diggity Dog and the excessively large pitchers of Long Island iced tea.  We had the best time in our little beachside shack bungalow and already can't wait to go back.

Beach naps = the best naps

Just lounging with the birthday girl

            The weekend in Dewey Beach has been a tough act to follow but a new work schedule, weeknight BBQs, afternoons at the pool, roommate dates, a Thursday night with Zac Brown, best friends' engagements (Marie and Staddy, I'm still smiling!), Friday night Nat's games, and the anticipation of weekend getaways and tons of other summertime fun make me one happy girl.

Wishing you a happy weekend and the happiest of days to my sweet friend Keeley tomorrow!  And don't worry, I'll try not to let the disappearing act happen again any time soon :-).

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