Friday, May 21, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

Quite often on this blog you will find me whining about schoolwork, complaining about how stressed I am, and just generally bitching about things that haven’t gone my way.  But I am generally a very happy person, so I think it is important to spend a little time talking about the things that I love in addition to those that drive me nuts.  This list is far from all-inclusive, but here are ten things that make me very happy.

 Ladybugs.  When I was little, my older sister called me “Little Lady” and my room was covered in ladybugs.  I have always loved them and word on the street is that they bring good luck.  So the next time you see one of these little guys make a wish before you swat it away.

 Pink Lemonade.  Though typically a summertime favorite, I will drink it any day of the week, any time of the year.  I also love it in cake form.  It is sold at Dewey’s Bakery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and my mom got one for me for my birthday every year in college.

3.      Fox Point.  Hands down, this is my favorite place on earth.  It is our “family camp” on the Eastern Shore in Maryland and nothing makes me happier than turning onto the gravel road that leads to this most perfect place to spend a summer, (or any), day.

4.      Real Simple Magazine.  There is something therapeutic about learning 10 new uses for a colander or reading about how to feng shui your bedroom.

5.      Dogs.  I have been begging my parents to get another dog ever since we lost our beloved Moose. 

 And though no dog will ever replace the Moose Man, I am so excited because this little one is going to be my new roommate this Fall.  A golden retriever/boxer mix named Riley!

6.      Snail Mail.  There is nothing like getting a letter or package in the mail.  Sure, email is great but there is something old fashioned and romantic about an envelope with a stamp on it.  Agree?

7.       A back scratch.  I have a friend who has a business idea that involves what she calls a “Scratchery.”  Though the thought of all that dead skin is a little repulsive, paying a couple bucks to get your back scratched sounds pretty good to me.

8.      Gerbera daisies and sunflowers.  I dare you to find a girl who doesn’t smile when given a bouquet of these.

9.      Pretzels.  For as long as I can remember, my family has had a pretzel jar in our kitchen and I am convinced I would be ten pounds lighter had my parents not introduced this tradition into our home.

10   Being with the people I love.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t like to be alone.  I love to be surrounded by good friends and family members who, lucky for me, also fall into that friend category.

 P.S.  You may have noticed that the blog has deviated from its original theme since I have been away from school and Nashvegas for the past few weeks.  But never fear, just two more weeks and I will have plenty of juicy details of cleft palates and traumatic brain injuries for you to enjoy.  You can’t wait, right!?


  1. Ditto, re: pretzels

  2. Emphasis on the Real Simple and pretzels. I miss these roomie-isms. So glad I am part of your blog life now...when do I get to guest post?

  3. Oooh a guest post...I like the sound of that. I think something can be arranged! But only if it includes the umbrella pics from DC this weekend :-)