Saturday, May 1, 2010

Someone Bring Me Coffee...please?

            I have often wondered why pizza and Chinese food are pretty much the only foods that get delivered.  Why not breakfast food?  Or ice cream?  Or more importantly, why not coffee?  You see it is Saturday morning and it is currently POURING rain.  Like not just raining but borderline monsoon.  And if you're a regular reader you will remember that it was doing this same thing last Saturday.  It's getting old.  Especially since this last week when I was locked in the Bill Wilkerson Center and busy taking my finals, it was 85 degrees and sunny.  Perfect pool weather.  And let me tell you...this girl is in serious need of a tan.  But anyway, here I sit in my pajamas (I know its noon...don't judge me), my cozy little house, watching the rain outside and thinking about all of the things I would do for a large cup of coffee.  The list is getting pretty long.  And why not just make my own coffee, you might ask?  Well I would...except for the fact that I put the canister back in the cabinet last time I made a cup, even though there was less than a tablespoon of coffee grounds left inside.  So when I opened it up this morning to make my own coffee (in an effort to save some $$ and to avoid having to venture out into the flooding rain) it was a total psych-out.  So anyone out there looking for a new business venture take note.  COFFEE DELIVERY.  You can thank me later.

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