Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Headed Down South

        Wow, those three weeks went by really fast and it’s about time for me to head back south tomorrow.  But never fear, the fun isn’t over yet.  Two of my life friends, Ally and Hannah, are coming to visit NashVegas for Memorial Day Weekend and I am thrilled to show them around my town.  Their one request for the weekend?  Biscuits.  Well, biscuits and honky tonk.  Both of which I can most certainly provide.  And since it is finally starting to feel like summer time here in Philadelphia I can only imagine how hot and steamy it is going to be back home.  I guess that means it’s time for that pink lemonade…sipped poolside of course.  And that is precisely where you will find me.  Soaking up as much of a tan as possible that will hopefully hold me over through a summer spent in the frigid air conditioning and fluorescent lights of the Vanderbilt Medical Center.  I have a funny feeling that this year’s summer school is going to be just a little different than summer school at WFU which consisted of one hour of class per day, countless hours at the Crowne Oaks pool, and some day partying and tubing down the Dan River on the side.  Ugh, this whole grown-up thing is overrated. 
Beautiful Summer Sunset over the Cumberland River

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