Saturday, March 6, 2010


          I guess you could say I’m a little bit excited.  Though this year is certainly a different kind of spring break, as I am not gallivanting through the Bahamas with 25 sorority sisters like last year but hey, spring break means no school, no clinic, no homework and hopefully, no stress.  So it’s sounding pretty good to me!  Keeley, Leslie, their boyfriends and I started off the weekend with a trip downtown to the honky tonk last night which was tons of fun, the highlight being the Wild Beaver Saloon which provides giant hula hoops for the patrons that are quite entertaining after the crowd has had a few drinks.  Oh yeah, and Leslie and I performed a stunning rendition of Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy is Mine” at the karaoke bar.  It was…special J  But the night has left me recovering all day today and grateful that I am now spending my evening babysitting. 

Hula Hooping in the Bar!

Karaoke was interesting...excuse the profanity :-)

            Though I was definitely feeling the effects of last night, today was an absolutely gorgeous day in NashVegas and everyone was taking advantage.  The sun was shinning and the temperature never dropped out of the 60s.  I celebrated the sunshine with another run in Centennial Park and wandered down into Hillsboro Village to grab an early dinner (Mediterranean salad at Fido – yum!) before babysitting.  All of the outdoor seating at Jackson’s and Fido was packed and there was a little string band performing on the sidewalk for everyone to enjoy!  Just one of the many reasons why I love this town…

            Tomorrow I head home to (still) snowy Philadelphia to spend a few days with family.  I am looking forward to seeing my brother play hockey and eating lots of home cooked meals.  On Thursday I will be making my way down to DC for a few days to see my fabulous sister and my very best friends from Wake.  I probably should have thought this through a little better and put my DC weekend at the beginning of the break so that I would have some days of R&R before heading back to school but oh well…can’t have it all!  Stay tuned for pictures and all the details of my spring break adventures.  

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