Friday, March 19, 2010

The Payoff

            The amount I’ve had to memorize in the last 48 hours is just plain ridiculous.  Have you ever wondered why all of the anatomists, scientists, chemists, and all of the other –ists decided to label all of the body parts with the most confusing and unintuitive names possible?  I mean, come on.  What about the name quadratus lumborum indicates that it is a muscle anchoring the lower ribs against the lifting force of the diaphragm?  That’s right…nothing.  So because these are the most confusing names and concepts known to man, this is where I was parked, overdosing on Pandora and caffeine, for the last two days and up until 11am this morning when I attempted to spit all this information back on paper. 
The jury’s still out on how that one went.

            BUT…I walked out of the Bill Will at 2:30 this afternoon to gorgeous sunshine, bright blue skies, and 75 degree temperatures.  So I guess all of the studying was worth it since the payoff is spending the rest of my Friday afternoon right here…

Catching up on some non-school reading…

And enjoying a perfect day-before-the-first-day-of-Spring kind of snack!

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