Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleep is Overrated

            So I’m heading into my eighth consecutive hour of studying and going strong.  It is looking like my bedtime will be around 3am with a 5am wake up call.  Not exactly ideal but hey, when you have seven different dysarthria types to memorize and learn to classify you need all the time you can get!  Luckily, my roommate has a painting due tomorrow for her art class and is nowhere close to finished so she is pulling the all-nighter with me.  We’re getting a little punchy and have resorted to the old song and dance technique to memorize all of the dysarthria characteristics.  We’ve also already made one Starbucks run (there may be more to come thanks to the 24 hour SB on West end) and are starting to feel the caffeine kick in…or maybe that’s the delirium.

            On our way back from Starbucks we made a pit stop at the newest, most controversial landmark to grace the Nashville skyline.  It is lovingly (or loathingly) named Mt. Richmore.  It is the home of John Rich, of country duo Big & Rich, known for their hit “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”  Mr. Rich is not, however, such a big hit with his neighbors on Love Hill.  Love Hill is located right behind Vanderbilt and provides one of the most beautiful views of the city.  Well, that was until Mr. Rich decided to build a monstrosity of a home on the side of Love Hill complete with fluorescent lights that shine throughout the night, obstructing the view of the city and disturbing the neighbors with seemingly constant “daylight.”  Just the other day the neighbors staged a protest by standing outside the singer’s home at night shining flashlights into his windows.  Hoping to work the “how do you like it?!” angle.  Though they made a statement, clearly nothing has changed as the house was still glowing brightly when we drove up tonight.

Ashley and I had heard the hype about these lights and Mt. Richmore but wanted to see it for ourselves.  So after grabbing our late night Starbucks we drove up Love Hill and found the house to be just as heinous as we had imagined.  It is a glorified concrete block with near blinding lights that make it impossible to see inside the house, let alone the skyline.  Word on the street is that City Council has gotten involved and Mr. Rich may be violating city ordinances with those lights so we will see how long it takes until someone can pull the plug on the mansion on Love Hill!

Alright…enough stalling.  Back to the books.  Sweet dreams everyone!

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