Monday, March 15, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

            Any time I come back to school after a break I know that the first Monday is going to be rough, so I was fully expecting to be relatively miserable today.  Especially because my body was so off schedule and confused by time changes and daylight savings that I woke up every hour on the hour from 2am on in a complete panic that I had slept through clinic.  The fact that it was still pitch black out when my alarm finally went off at 6am didn’t help much either.  Then, I got ready for the day and had to rush out to move my car from my coveted parking spot to a much less desirable one a block away because while I was gone for the week a giant, scary, hot pink sticker appeared on my windshield threatening to tow my car at my expense.  And to top it all off, I arrived at clinic only to find out that it had been canceled at the last minute.  So I headed home to catch up on some laundry and unpacking and restart the day.
Really Nashville?  You've got to be kidding me.

            From that point on it was a pretty typical Monday, finished off with a little anatomy lab to make sure that I was really exhausted.  Because we hadn’t been in the lab for the past two weeks the stench was especially unbearable and Bubba was looking a little….well…crusty.  Before heading out for break we were told to remove the lungs from our bodies.  And as I told my parents, our body had the biggest lungs I had EVER seen!  Though they were quick to point out that they were also the only pair of lungs I had ever seen, (minus the lungs at the Bodies exhibit at the Franklin Institute), you get the idea.  Those suckers were huge.  And it wasn’t all that comforting to walk into the lab today to find the lungs floating in a plastic bag of water that was gingerly placed between poor Bubba’s legs.  Yuck.  Our task for the night was to dissect the muscles of the neck and if there was time, to move on to the face.  Needless to say my lab partners and I made sure to take our time and put off revealing Bubba’s face for one more week.  And though I would normally say that I would get back to you all with details of the looming face dissection I have a funny feeling that I might end up with a sudden stomach flu on that day.

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