Monday, February 20, 2012

Mom Weekend

            I'm a grown-up.  This is a fact that I often try to ignore because I am a fan of silliness and bad jokes and America's Funniest Home Videos and grown-ups aren't supposed to like those things, right?  But I guess it's true.  I do my own taxes (with the help of my personal accountant on the phone in Philadelphia...thanks, Dad!), pay my own car insurance, and take care of a furry little life in addition to my own so I guess you could say that I fall into the category of grown-up.  But sometimes, even a grown-up needs her Mom.
            Last weekend, my mom took the train down from Philadelphia for a girls weekend in the District. It was quite possibly the most self-indulgent weekend I have had here in D.C. and that was just fine with me.  Mama Ball got in to town on Friday night and we joined some long-lost cousins for dinner on H Street (I know, I know...branching out, right?).  Saturday was spent brunching with friends at Kafe Leopold, shopping on M Street, relaxing with snowy afternoon massages, and we topped the day off with some Taylor Gourmet (yum) and Channing Tatum (also yum).  It was perfect.

            We didn't do anything tourist-y.  We didn't go to a museum or take a walk on the Mall.  I don't even think we saw a single monument (with the exception of a drive-by of the White House on the way to Union Station).  But it didn't matter.  Cause much like when your sister or best friends come to town, when your Mom comes to visit you don't have to impress her with your new city or take her to the best restaurant.  You don't need elaborate plans or even a plan at all.  But sometimes, a grown-up just needs her Mom.


  1. Very sweet post. I saw The Vow on Friday and as corny as it sounds, reminded me why it's worth it to be patient for the right man! Sidenote: Rachel McAdams ALWAYS reminds me of Elinor Ball! love ya

  2. Brought a little tear to this Mama's eye....what a fun weekend it left out the part about RUNNING to make it to the movie on time...and the fun "crane your neck" seats that we had! :-)