Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Want to Know Great

            I have my favorite blogs.  You know, the ones that have you anxiously awaiting a new post...checking back way too often and blowing up their stat counter just hoping they've written something new.  One blog that certainly fits into that category is Enjoying the Small Things.  Though the author this blog and I could not be in more different places in our lives and I don't know her from Adam, sometimes I feel like she is my little sensei...whispering words of wisdom into my ear right when I need them.  On the off chance that she reads this post, I swear I'm not a stalker...I just dig your writing and am going to quote you so I feel like I should give a proper intro.  And today was one of those days when I found the words she was writing directly applied to my life so I wanted to share them with you in case you're not one of her readers and they apply to you too.

            "You cannot wait for life to come to you.  You have to go get it -- pursue it in a wild, passionate chase that includes the foreboding depths of challenges and heartache just as much as the ecstasy of triumph and success.  You have to want it bad enough to seek it not only when things are rough and the pursuit of it brings the hope of change, but when things are comfortable and easy, and the quest for more living -- more purposeful awareness -- might even make you scared.  It is in the fear -- that breathtaking exhilaration of "What if?" -- that you rise to the occasion.  You step out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of taking risks and the possibility of believing that, sure, things might be good but if you stretched a little further they might be great.  I want to know great.  And I will work hard to find it."  Right on, sister.  I'm with you.

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  1. Lessons from seakayaking?! Sounds like the blogger understands going outward bound.

    Love, YKW