Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Reunion

            For the past two years, my very best friends from college have been promising that they were going to come visit me in Nashville.  And with only a few weeks left, I honestly thought that our little reunion might never happen...but it did.  This past weekend.  And it was perfect.  Much like when your sister comes to town, when your best friends visit there is no pressure.  Sure, you hope that they have a great time and love your city as much as you do but there are no expectations of a jam-packed itinerary.  Instead, just being together is all it takes.

College/Grad School worlds colliding and I'm loving it.

            And though elaborate plans aren't necessary when entertaining these girls, that doesn't mean that I didn't try to take them to all of the Nashville favorites I could squeeze into our short three days together.  Highlights of the weekend included Silly Goose, Paradise Park, and a shopping trip in Franklin that left us swooning over all of the home decor goodness that we couldn't afford (lots of to-die-for photos to come).  Oh yeah, and there was lots of couch snuggling, "I missed you so much," and "Remember that time" mixed in there too.  Told ya, perfection.


  1. love it - such a great weekend and the best way to celebrate my birthday - with best friends. i know you're dying to post your favorite picture from this weekend :) but if you dooo we won't be friends anymore haha. love you!

  2. You have no idea how much restraint it took for me to not add that little gem onto the end of this post.