Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stick A Fork In It...

            ...Cause it's done.  I literally never thought I'd see the day.  It doesn't really feel real yet but I turned in my very last assignment this morning and with that, my grad school grandma days were officially over.  These have been the hardest two years of my life but I am grateful to have found a career path that I am passionate about and to be doing something that I really believe in.  Oh yeah and I'm grateful that I actually survived.  Because there were days when I had my doubts!  And to commemorate the fact that we made it through with most of our sanity intact, my classmates and I headed to the SATCo. patio for a much needed celebration of tacos and beer.  Perfection.

Solo pic with the broken it

            Don't know how I would have made it through without these girls...they're the only people who share my daily fear of traumatic brain injury, know how to build a larynx out of model magic, and understand the importance of the Vagus nerve when it comes to foreplay :-)  And I love them.


  1. Ahem! When it comes to what??!

  2. julie, tell me about this black top you're wearing in these pictures? me likey.