Friday, April 1, 2011

Drinking It In

            One month from today, I will be hopping in my overly stuffed car (puppy love at my side) and heading out of town for good.  Yep...the two years of graduate school and my life here in music city have flown faster than I ever thought possible and though many things remain the same, I am a very different person now than I was when I first moved into town.  The thought of this major life change gives me all kinds of anxiety (see, told you some things stay the same) but for the most part I am hopeful and excited for things to come.  And in the meantime, I am happily soaking up each moment I have left in the Hotel and this very special city.

            And that's exactly what I did last night at The Patterson House...a place I have been dying to try for months.  Easy to miss with only a small sign on the front door, The Patterson House is located in a historic home in the midtown area of Nashville and is famous for personalized cocktails and pre-Prohibition era charm.  In fact, the place got its name from former Tennessee governor Malcolm R. Patterson who vetoed the return of prohibition to the state in the early 1900's.  Smart man.

Thanks, Keeley!

Sorry for the blurry pictures...I was trying to be sneaking without the flash :-)

            The drink I tried was called Flowers for Algernon (ridiculous name for a drink, right?) and was made with vodka, sparkling wine, grenadine, lavender, and some other fancy ingredient that I can't remember right now.  And it was UH-mazing.  Oh, and the salt and sugar coated mini doughnuts were pretty much to die for too.

P.S. April Fool's Day post from me today...I never was one who liked to be fooled.


  1. This made me sad :( Do we really only have a month??

  2. I want those doughnuts right now!! (and maybe a cocktail,'ll be 5:00 soon enough ;-) )

    We sure are plowing through our Nashville Bucket List!

  3. You must read the book, Flowers for Algernon!
    Soak it all's been a great 2 year ride!