Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Hotel

            That’s right people…last Saturday was moving day and I am now settled in my new hotel, er, house.  It only feels like a hotel with my six other roommates (plus the adorable four legged one)!  And though I am absolutely thrilled with my new digs, getting moved in was an complete nightmare and I think I might have to live in this house until I am 85 years old because I am not planning on moving again any time soon.  The whole move started out just fine.  By noon on Saturday I was pretty much all packed up and had transferred a few carloads of smaller things to the new house.  All that was left was the big stuff that I could not lift on my own and that was going to be handled by Bo’s Moving Company.  Now I know you are thinking, “Bo’s Moving Company?  You really think they will be legit with a name like that?”  But they came highly recommended by my friend Lauren who used them a few weeks ago.  She assured me that though the men who moved her belongings looked like they were addicted to crystal meth (reassuring, right?) they were fast and cheap.  And that sounded just right to this broke grad school grandma.

            Little did I know, Bo’s Moving Company wasn’t going to be moving my stuff.  Instead they were going to be hanging up on me, refusing to show up, telling me I should call someone else, hanging up on me again, telling me they were too busy and too tired, hanging up on me, screening my calls, hanging up on me again and making me cry.  So I would like to just take a moment and bad mouth them to all 5 of my blog stalkers.  Feel free to spread the word.

            But after all the drama had subsided a little bit, my amazing new roommates helped me move all of my furniture and boxes until 1am Sunday morning.  They even made me take a break to eat some fro-yo at Sweet CeCe’s despite my claims that I had no appetite.  And on Sunday?  Well Marie may have driven my box spring up the street on top of my car while Keeley and I hung out the window and held on for dear life.  You do whatcha gotta do, right?  And though we all felt like we’d been hit by a moving truck by the time Monday morning rolled around, I have all my stuff in one place and am officially a resident at the hotel!

Still a work in progress...

P.S.  Bo’s Moving Company…I hate you.

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