Tuesday, August 17, 2010


            Okay, I know the week vacay is not even half over yet but I'm gonna go ahead and call the highlight right now.  This morning I got to video chat with my little brother Andy, whom I affectionately call Dres, who is studying abroad in South Africa.  I hadn't seen his face in way too long (almost 2 months!) and I was thrilled to get to catch up on what is going on in his world.  He is loving life.  Spending his days surfing and bungee jumping...oh and a little class on the side.  I. am. jealous.
Hey Dres!

P.S. Andy informed me that my last post was a little misleading so I would like to clarify.  I am not spending this week on the yacht pictured in the post below.  I am spending the week at Fox Point which is located on the Langford Creek, (a tributary off of the Chesapeake Bay), which is the water featured in that picture.  Sorry for any confusion :-)

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