Monday, August 30, 2010

Back Tracking

            I mentioned a few posts ago that I spent 8 glorious days at Fox Point during my week long (really generous, Vanderbilt) hiatus between the summer and fall semesters.  This week was much needed and I spent hours upon hours soaking up the sunshine, eating Maryland crabs, loving on my family, and introducing some great friends to the fabulousness that is Fox Point.  And I have learned through some blog stalking of my own that people much prefer pictures to words when blog browsing so I thought I would share some pics of my fun filled week at the place that I love the most.

The week began with Pirates and Wenches weekend in Rock Hall, MD.  This is a "fantasy" weekend where some real characters come out of the woodwork in full pirate attire and proceed to get way to wasted and rub up against each other at the Harbor Shack.  Rumor has it, it is actually a swingers convention in disguise!

Guuuuuuurl.  Lemme get that dress in my size.


A Rock Hall legend getting down with his bad self at the Harbor Shack.

Okay, so my costume needs a little work but I just had to get a picture with one of the pirates to prove I was really there.

Hi Dad!

Hi, I'm Liza and I like to smile :-)  Even as I'm about to get tossed from the tube. 

Christmas card...Wake friends come to Fox Point!!

Logged a lot of hours floating in the creek.

This is one of the funnier things I have ever seen.  Studs on the mopeds.

Maryland is for crabs.

Love these people.  So glad you could come!!


  1. What an amazing weekend! Is it next summer yet? Thank you JULIE!


  2. I am just happy that the Wake T-shirt pic did not make it up. Had a great weekend.