Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost There

            Hey everybody!  So it’s finals time once again in grad school land, (don’t ya feel like I’m always saying this?  I do.), and so I have been completing take home exams, writing treatment plans, and generally complaining about how miserable life is at this moment.  Sleep has been hard to come by and as a result I have been a little grumpy.  And remembering to be thankful for anything is probably at the bottom of my To-Do list.  Well…that was until I discovered a little gem that I think everyone should check out.  It is a blog written by a girl named Leah who writes thank you notes about everything.  I mean everything.  She even has a thank you note written to a Family Guy shot glass.  And though this may seem absolutely crazy, I think it’s a pretty stellar way to go through life.  Finding the silver lining and always thinking in glass half full mode.  Though I can’t say this is how I always live my life, it is something to strive for, right?  So CLICK HERE for a smile and your daily dose of gratitude.

Though I am a long way from giving in to my heavy eye lids tonight, considering that my Voice Disorders final is looming just 18 hours away, I thought this was pretty appropriate.

And in the meantime, this is how the ladies of the hotel are getting by!

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