Sunday, February 7, 2010

Small Victories

When I moved into my new house in August, I was so happy to be living in a place so close to school so that I wouldn’t have to spend money on gas all the time.  I could leave my car parked in my little garage or the parking area right outside my front door.  It was going to be ultraconvenient.  Yeah, so that didn’t really work out as I had planned.  Turns out my room in the house is much bigger than my roommate’s and my closet is the size of a small bedroom (aka heaven) so in order to compensate I felt like it was only fair for her to have the garage.  No problem, I can just park in the spots right in front of the house, I thought.  So I parked my car and left it there for a few days only to return to a large note in the center of my windshield.  It was from Marge, president of the homeowner’s association, and it stated that if my car was not moved by the next day it would be towed.  There goes my ultraconvenient plan.
            After searching around the neighborhood for the best alternative parking location I determined that I could park up the street, just a block away.  This was a great plan during the day but when I would come home from the library at two in the morning it was less than ideal when paired with my overactive imagination and fear of the dark.  So I would park…and RUN home.  (Yes, I am 23 years old.  Don’t judge me).  This was my routine until one day I discovered the crown jewel.  A parking spot directly across the ally from my garage.
            The reason I had not noticed this spot before was because it was always occupied by a silver pickup truck, which I assumed had rightful ownership over the spot.  But that all changed when I looked out the bathroom window one night only to see 4 Vandy students pile into the truck and drive off.  This was my chance!  So I took off running (it was dark) to get my car and steal the spot.  Ever since that day, those four Vandy boys and I have been involved in a silent battle for the parking space.  I’d say that spot changes ownership two to three times per week.  And though I’m sure they are very nice guys, each time I drive up intending to pull into MY parking space and that truck is there I curse them…often out loud.  But, I am proud to say that my car has been sitting in that space for FIVE days straight and I’m not planning on moving any time soon.  SO THERE!


P.S.  Though at first we thought that Marge was an evil woman for threatening to tow my car but it turns out that she is actually really sweet and waves to me each morning through her kitchen window as I head off to school.  I like to think of her as my Nashville grandmother J

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