Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love a Good List

I have compiled a list of pros and cons about where I live.  As I am reaching the 6-month mark I am fully settled in and have had some time to reflect on my new home in the grown-up world, which is conveniently (and not so conveniently) located next to an uber-busy hospital campus.  I decided to go with the old pro and con approach for two reasons.  One, because I am a sucker for a good list.  And two, because I am too exhausted to actually form real sentences.  So this is what I have come up with:


o Immediate access to emergency facilities in the event of an accident…I am relatively accident-prone though most of my brushes with death are minor scrapes and bruises enhanced by my mild hypochondriac tendencies.

o The short walk to school which comes in handy on those mornings when I hit the snooze one two many times (or when I forget a crucial assignment and have to run home at lunch)

o Close proximity to a multitude of handsome and single (here’s hoping) doctors and med students

o Safety that is ensured by Vanderbilt 5-0 who constantly patrol the neighborhood and tell the local dumpster divers to keep it down when things get a little rowdy in the alley behind my house

o Just a hop, skip, and a jump to Hillsboro Village which is convenient for occasional after class happy hour at Sam’s and Girls Night Out at Cabana

o Potential for celebrity sightings as they are often visiting the hospital to perform and visit with patients


o Sirens.  Enough said.

o Having to interrupt phone conversations (or much needed sleep) due to the fact that my windows are rattling and the floors are shaking from the LifeFlight helicopters that constantly land just a few hundred yards away

o The constant reminder that there are far too many people who are sick and hurting in the buildings just around the corner from my cozy little home

o The tendency for the crazies who have just been released from the hospital, usually in the wee hours of the morning, to stroll home right down Capers Ave. on their way to the Edgehill neighborhood or the local drive through beer supplier.  Whoever thought this one was a good idea is beyond me but that’s beside the point.

o The fact that, despite the noticeable police presence in our neighborhood, it took them 15 minutes to get to my house last semester after two pickups slammed into the dead end of my street.  I guess living next door to a level one trauma center we were not their top priority!  How rude!

By my count, it looks as though the pros outweigh the cons so I guess I’m doing alright!  Now I’m heading off to bed and sending my love to everyone in the snowy North (especially to my grandparents buried under 4 feet of snow in a house with no heat :-).  Stay warm!

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