Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Weekend in Nashville

            I have determined that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Not because I am exceptionally sad during the winter months but because I am SO much happier when it is sunny and warm out.  This weekend was spring in Nashville.  63 degrees and sunny and I could not have been happier about it.  This has been an exceptionally cold winter here in the buckle of the Bible belt and I am over it.  I am ready for warm weather, long days, and endless sunshine.
            To celebrate the gorgeous day yesterday I decided to run outside.  Though the Y has its perks with all of the different machines, classes, and the plethora of sweaty, attractive men walking around there is nothing like running outside when the weather is just right.  So I decided to run at Centennial Park and I have now determined that it is one of my favorite places in this city.  The park was packed yesterday with families, dogs, and far too many couples canoodling on park benches but even this didn’t bother me because on a day like this, who could really blame them? 

Centennial Park has a giant pond in the middle and is surrounded by fields and playgrounds but the feature of the park is the Parthenon.  Yep that’s right.  Nashville decided that they would try to replicate one of the architectural wonders of the world right here in the park.  And to be honest, though it does look a lot like the real thing it also looks pretty out of place here in this honky-tonk town.  But hey, I guess it just adds to its charm?  

While I was running and enjoying my view of the Parthenon, I noticed a large crowd of photographers lining on side of the pond.  It looked like they were staring at something…or SOMEONE!?  I’ve had a few paparazzi sightings since I have lived here but have never seen an actual celebrity.  This could be my chance!  Could it be that T. Swift or Keith and Nicole were enjoying a day in Centennial Park too?!  I nearly fell into the pond I was so excited at the thought of stumbling upon such a celebrity sighting.  That was until I realized that the photographers were just trying to capture the perfect lighting as sun began to set behind the Parthenon.  Wah Wahhhh.  Here’s hoping that this weekend wasn’t just a tease and that spring is really on its way!

Keith and Nicole in Centennial Park on July 4th, 2009...stole this picture from the paparazzi :-)

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