Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday!!

Okay, so I’m exhausted.  I know this is pretty standard for everyone around 6pm on a Friday night but I used to have stamina.  Just a year ago I went out three nights a week, went to class, got decent grades, had a part time job, was a die hard Chi O, and managed to maintain that whirlwind pace for four years.  Now I go out one night a week, maybe visit the gym every once in a while, and live and breathe school/clinic.  So why am I so tired?!  I guess that’s why college is only four years.  Your body, (and specifically your liver, as my mother likes to remind me), can only take so much.  Then you become a real person.
            But I got a little boost this afternoon because it is Friday AND because I arrived home from school to find a package on my doorstep.  And I love love love getting mail.  Real mail.  Emails are nice but there is nothing like getting a card or a letter that someone took the time to hand write, remember your real address, and literally drop it in the mailbox just for you!  The package was from my Nanne who I miss so much now that I no longer live just thirty minutes away from her in North Carolina.  Inside the package was a pair of vintage scrubs!  Turns out someone besides my parents is reading this blog J This pair of scrubs had not yet graced the halls of a hospital but instead, had accompanied Nanne down the Colorado River as her pajamas!  You might be wondering why in the world she would have saved the scrubs after her trip in the wilderness but then again, maybe you haven’t met Nanne.  She saves EVERYTHING!  But as she will tell you, you never know when things will come in handy!  And these scrubs certainly will.  Though they are a little on the short side, I will be sure to give them a spin at VCH very soon!

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