Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogging About Blogging

            I have a friend who started her own blog after graduating from Wake about her journey through pastry school in NYC.  When I first heard about and read her blog I found it completely entertaining and I loved reading it but I also thought it was a little bit creepy that she was chronicling her daily life in cyberspace for the whole world to see.  I also thought it was a little narcissistic.  But now that I have my own blog, I see why she did it.  It is kind of therapeutic.  Though it still may be a little narcissistic, I like being able to write about what’s going on in my life.  I like that I can look back on it and remember how stressed I was about that anatomy exam that, in retrospect, was not so bad after all.  I also love an excuse to write something that is not being graded.  It is kind of liberating.  Though I am certain that my blog has maybe three regular readers (all of which are immediate family members), I have kind of gotten into the “blog scene” these days.  I have started following other people’s blogs…some of which have authors that I have zero connections to and found perusing friends’ blogs/facebook pages.  Creepy?  Maybe a little.  But I have included some of the blogs I am following these days in the right margin of my blog so that you (whoever you are) can also check them out! 
            You may be wondering why all of the blogs I am liking these days have to do with cooking, decorating, or other things about which I have little to no talent or knowledge.  Well, I dream of being domestic one day.  Being able to cook delicious meals with exotic ingredients like my sister and being able to decorate and throw a great party like my fabulous friend Staver (think Samantha from Sex and the City…only more outrageous if that’s possible).  So I’m reading up for inspiration!  I will be sure to provide photo documentation if I ever attempt such feats on my own!

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  1. Just catching up on your blog (You do have at least one other reader, though not a "regular"). I see you redecorated! I like it.