Monday, September 13, 2010

My State Fair is a Great State Fair

            I’ll admit it.  I’m a people watcher.  Not a judger, per say, but more an observer.  I get it from my mom who is famous for watching other people at restaurants and concocting what she is certain is “their story.”  And though a restaurant can provide you with some good material, there is no better place to do some people watching than a fair.  And it was just my luck that the Tennessee State Fair came to town this past weekend.  Oh yes, the carneys rolled into town on Friday night and have set up quite the spectacle.  I am pretty partial to Winston-Salem’s Dixie Classic Fair, and how could I not be with the pig racing and goats in leotards, but I think that the Tennessee State Fair is a close second.  Unfortunately, the world’s tiniest woman and the woman with no bones couldn’t make it this year but the Kenyan Safari Acrobats, delicious funnel cake, and locals averaging around ten teeth for a family of four certainly made up for it!


Lost kids kiosk.

So excited to see the carney's!

Yeah, that's pretty much my worst nightmare.  But hilarious to watch!

Okay so I love the fair and everything but this is kind of sick.

The culprit responsible for my sleepless night and raging stomach worth it.

What's the matter, Marie?  Too much funnel cake for you?

That is a large pumpkin.

I'm a fall baby, remember?

Loving my state fair!

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