Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Focus...or lack thereof

            One of my least favorite feelings in the world is looking up from the computer screen (you know, the one you've been staring at like a zombie for the past 30 minutes without coming up for air?) and realizing not only that I am in class, but that I also have absolutely no idea what sweet Dr. Ohde is talking about.  Yeah, that just happened.  So I'm thinking about chalking my apparent ADD up to the fact that it is a rainy Friday morning and instead of trying to make sense of the acronyms, diagrams, and numbers that are flying in my face at the moment, I will share with you some of the goodness that I have come across during my past 40 minutes of studious blog-stalking note-taking.

Loving the new sock trend for Fall.  Not completely sure if I can pull them off but I might give them a try the next time I head into East Nashville.

Obsessed with this post-Nashville flood makeover story.  Though I don't envy their situation at all, the house looks absolutely amazing now that local designer Rachel Halvorson has gotten her hands on it.

Think I might have to try out these cupcakes for the hotel-hosted tailgate this weekend.  Who should I root for?  Vandy?  LSU?

Happy Friday, y'all!

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