Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoping you had a Labor-Free weekend

             Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend.  I also hope that you did your fair share of boozing and BBQ’ing for me.  Though I had a great weekend complete with a Vandy tailgate, dinner at Lime (a favorite of Keith and Nicole), and a night out in the honky-tonk...

Chi O loves our 'dores?!  I'm officially a convert.

....my roommates and I commemorated the holiday staked out on the porch up to our eyeballs in research articles.  We may not have marked the day with burgers and beers but we took it easy and enjoyed the scent of (the neighbor’s) Labor Day BBQ.  But hey, I’ll take this spot over the Eskind Biomed Library any day. 


  1. The outdoor rug looks great....appears to match the paint on the doors!

  2. I love your blog, your tailgating Chi O sticker and YOU! So glad we finally got to hang out :)