Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Stress = A Big Mess

When my life gets crazy and school has me overly stressed I tend to freeze rather than get going.  Like I’ve said, I’m a worrier, so when I am busy fretting, other things in my life tend to fall by the wayside.  Things that are important but not crucial…so I guess I can get away with slipping for a little while.  One of those things that I tend to let get away from me is laundry.  Between my scrubs, clinic clothes, running clothes, and regular clothes I create a lot of laundry.  And unlike my normal self, which is usually relatively organized and neat, stressed me is kind of a train wreck.  So my way of tackling my motor speech exam, excessive amounts of clinic lesson planning, and upcoming trip to DC this week was this…
Okay, so this isn't my actual closet and these aren't my actual clothes but the thought of literally airing my dirty laundry on the internet for all to see kind of creeped me out...but you get the idea...

That’s right.  For some reason I felt it was too difficult to drop my clothes into the laundry basket a few feet away and instead dropped them into a massive pile inside my closet.  I guess I feel that if the mess is contained inside the closet it is not really a mess?  Though I absolutely adore my walk-in and it is pretty much my favorite place in the entire apartment (when I first moved in I actually sat inside it with the door closed for a few minutes just to marvel at the fact that I could actually see all of my shoes!), it tends to become a bottomless pit of clothing during busy times of the semester.
                Though the thought of leaving this mess here over the weekend and having to come home and deal with it on Sunday night after my mini-DC vacay makes me a little sick to my stomach, the thought of cleaning it up right this minute is even worse.  SO…here it will sit until I return hopefully rejuvenated and full of energy that will be put towards reorganizing my life.  Just in time for finals!

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