Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekend Review

So I am officially back into school mode after a crazy fun weekend in DC.  And I am sorry to say that the closet has still not recovered, the bag is still not unpacked, and the laundry is getting just plain ridiculous.  BUT, it was worth it.  And I had an anatomy exam this morning, which clearly means that I am exempt from all things domestic/orderly for at least another 24 hours while I recover, right?  I had such a great weekend with family and best friends, celebrating Easter with summer-like temperatures and more cherry blossoms then I have ever seen.  
I arrived in our nation’s capital on Thursday night and was picked up by my sweet sister who had just gotten home from a whirlwind trip of her own to Atlanta.  She literally hopped off of a plane at Reagan and raced over to get me at BWI.  Needless to say, after nearly 3 hours of traffic we arrived at her adorable apartment in Woodley Park in desperate need of dinner and drinks.  We headed to The Diner in Adam’s Morgan and gorged on giant salads, macaroni and cheese, and lots of wine. 
On Friday, Mom and Scott arrived in the city and we spent an afternoon enjoying the sunshine.  Our first stop was lunch on the roof deck at Lauriol Plaza (complete with strawberry daiquiris duh!).  Next we ventured out to the Mall to check out the cherry blossoms and do some sight seeing.  I think Katie was a little embarrassed, being that she is a DC local, that Mom was really getting the full Washington Monument experience!  After a long, crowded metro ride home (due to the excess amounts of cherry blossom-seeking tourists), we met up with Dad for a little summer time happy hour on Katie’s roof deck.

           Friday night was spent with some of my favorite Demon Deacons in Georgetown…we got drinks in the very same booth where JKF proposed to Jackie O!  Just one thing on my growing list of reasons why I love this city.  On Saturday the Ball clan (minus Andy…we missed you so much!) hit up the Newseum and the National’s/Red Sox game.  So fun!

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter with lots of family in both DC and Maryland.  Prior to our arriving in DC, Katie had done some planning as to how we would be spending our weekend.  Overall, I thought her itinerary was fabulous…that was until I heard that she was suggesting we attend a sunrise church service at the Lincoln Memorial.  If by sunrise she meant 10am, I was all in…but no.  She meant sunrise as in meeting the fam at the metro at 5:45am to head to the service.  Oh, heck no.  Not exactly what I’d had in mind especially since I had just gotten home from the bars in Glover Park 3 hours earlier.  But in the end, it was all worth it.  Though I was less than thrilled when Mama Ball delivered my 5:30am wake up call, and didn’t buy my argument that even Jesus wasn’t up at that hour, the service was absolutely beautiful.  It was pretty amazing to see how many people turned out for a service that was that stinking early!  And to watch the sunrise over the Washington Monument was something that I will not soon forget!

P.S.  Anyone have suggestions for getting a Duggar-sized family of ants out of your kitchen?  Turns out they decided that since I was gone for the weekend it would be a great time for them to move in.  Yuck!

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