Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrapping Things Up

            The end of semester wrap-up has begun and today is my last day to work with the little ones at the Mama Lere Hearing School.  I am sad to be leaving, especially because these kids are pretty much hilarious and provide me with great material for blogging J  But I am excited for a month off and a new clinic placement in just a few weeks.  And don’t worry, I still plan to volunteer in the school at least once a week so I will get plenty of face time with my main man “Wajuh.”  Once thing I won’t miss about the Mama Lere kids though, is the ‘tude that sometimes surfaces when they decide that I am not their real SLP and they don’t really have to pay attention to me.  Not cool.
            Just last week I was working with one kindergartener on regular and irregular past tense verb forms.  We were playing “past tense verb charades” which, I think, is a pretty darn fun way to learn your past tense verbs.  Girlfriend thought so too.  Well…that was until the game was over and it was time to move on to a book activity at the table.  It’s like my (not so) little brother who used to cry when my mom picked him up from a birthday party.  She would ask him how the party was and Scott would reply, “It was awful.”  “Why?!” my mom would ask.  “Because its over!”  So yeah…my little friend was not so please with me when I ended the game and as a result, she decided to put her head on the table and refuse to speak or look at me…or even acknowledge that I was alive for that matter.  I tried every trick up my sleeve and when nothing seemed to work I finally decided I would begin reading the book regardless of whether or not she was paying attention.  The book was called Loose Tooth (targeting the final /th/ sound).  And as luck would have it, this pouty little kindergartener had two missing front teeth.  THANK YOU GOD.  Her head instantly popped off the table and she was once again engaged in therapy.  Crisis averted.

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